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MICHAEL KETEMER was born in Toronto, Ontario, on March 17, 1955. As a result, he is now both a middle-aged Pisces, and an ex–Torontonian living in Peterborough.

Discounting some childish and indiscreet experiments with a mandolin, Michael's first instrument was the clarinet, which he blew dutifully and somewhat effectively until he was twenty years old.

At that time, he relocated to the wilds of Haliburton County, Ontario to pursue a career as an outdoor educator and wilderness guide.

The clarinet fell by the wayside in favour of a more campfire-friendly instrument, the guitar.

Exposure to the recordings of fingerstyle masters such as Leo Kottke, John Renbourn, and Pierre Bensusan was a strong influence on his backwoods six-string rambles, as was a trip to St. John's Newfoundland in 1976 which introduced him to traditional music.

While living in the woods of Haliburton, Michael also became a multi–instrumentalist and birchbark canoe builder.

Michael moved to Peterborough in the early 1990s to study at Trent University as a budding anthropologist. Eventually he learned it was more fun to participate in culture rather than study it, and so decided to become a full-time musician.

Since then, Michael has played at venues across Central Ontario as a solo artist, and as a member of the folk bands Freshwater Trade, Carried Away and Rabeska. At present, Michael's favourite private vice is to play music in public.

Michael's debut CD, Yellow Stockings, was released in October 2005.

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